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Artist application for the exhibition 2022

Art exhibition on Whit Monday June 6, 2022 Reijmerstok

Reijmerstok is a lovely village located between Maastricht (Netherlands), Aachen (Germany) en Liege (Belgium) in the so-called EU-region Meuse-Rhine. It is a region with a character on its own. Charming with gently rolling countryside and lying between green fields and orchards in the Southern Limburg hills. Residents of “Reijmerstok” contribute to this beautiful South Limburg event where the village is presented at its best and you are cordially invited to their properties.

The art Exhibition

The art exhibition will take place from 10.00 am to 18.00 pm in the village “Reijmerstok”. Artists from the EU-region show their work behind the gates at the inner yards of authentic (former) farms in and around the village. The exhibition includes beautiful paintings, sculptures, objects, images, graphics, photographs and a selection of jewelry. Many exhibitors are professional artists.

70 artists, 37 locations

As many as 70 artists, display their works at the inner court of the farms and beautiful gardens.


The art route covers approximately 3 km and takes you not only along the farms in the village, but also through the open field, where you will enjoy the apple- and pear orchards and hop gardens of the “Gulpener” brewery, while overlooking the fields and the valley of the small river the “Gulp” and its border area. In conclusion: an EU- regional event in a lovely landscape.

We offer you the hop-on hop-off tilt-cart in case you don’t like to walk along the entire 3-kilometer’s route. At various points along the route there are stops, including the parking place and the start and end points of the route.

Refreshments and music

At various locations you will find terraces (pavements) where you can buy drinks, cakes or sandwiches. Musical entertainment is also available at a few terraces.


Buy your ticket online at the website or at the entrances of the village at the pay-desks. With your entrance ticket you will get the information booklet containing the route and an overview of a variety of artists.

How to get to Reijmerstok

The village “Reijmerstok” is easily reachable by public transport and car. Also by foot, by (motor) bike or scooter you can reach to the start location “Hoeve De Puthof. Address: Reijmerstokkerdorpsstraat 130, 6274 NN Reijmerstok, The Netherlands

Reijmerstok can be reached via by driving the N 278 (Maastricht-Aachen) and take the exit (N598) to Belgium between Margraten Gulpen. After about 2 km you will arrive in Reijmerstok. Intersection Cafe- Restaurant-Beer Eathoes “A gen Ing ‘turn to the left at the (free) parking lot where the starting point of the art route is. There is parking facility for more than two thousand cars.

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